Wash It Green! How Tucson Home Buyers Win with Energy Efficient Appliances

January 21, 2016

Wash It Green! How Tucson Home Buyers Win with Energy Efficient Appliances
Along with that new flower bed and herb garden, you’re going to prep for the spring, you are probably looking around your new home feeling excited to add your signature decorative touch. A hundred home improvement ideas from the new door handle to paint jobs are milling around inside your hamster wheel.
Like many other home buyers, you may be considering the furnishings in your new home. The home you move into will likely not come with necessities such as a washer, dryer, and fridge, so unless you are already equipped, you will need to go shopping.
If you’ve been living with the same appliances for years, it could be time for a change. Maybe your trusty old washer and dryer aren’t so trusty anymore. How often have you paid a repair service to come out and resuscitate your old equipment? Moving into a new home can be a great opportunity to sell, swap out or toss those money pits and bric-a-brac that collected in your closets or storage for more productive and efficient wares.
Water is the new gold since droughts are occurring in parts of the country that haven’t been water deficient in the past. Here in the thirsty Sonoran desert, however, residents have understood for a long time that water is a precious commodity. No drop is taken for granted! This is why conscientious desert dwellers are switching to energy-efficient appliances for the good of Mother Earth and generations to come.
For the immediate payoff, green appliances keep more green in your wallet. About 85% of Tucson single-family residences enjoy the convenience of a clothes washer at home, and having an efficient model can save as much as $100 per year on your energy bill!
The water saved with a “green” machine goes a long way toward helping our ecosystem. We all must be clean and presentable, and clothes washing accounts for roughly 16% of a household’s water usage per family of four. According to Tucson Water, upgrading to a water-efficient clothes washer can save over 7000 gallons of water and 352 kWh of energy yearly over stock machines. This is based on the estimate that households of four will wash about 300 loads of laundry per year.  
Here’s the really sweet part of being a homeowner in Tucson. On top of what you can save on water and energy bills, Tucson Water has a program that provides a rebate to single-family residences using water-efficient clothes washers. For your appliance to qualify, it must have been bought after August 1st, 2015, and be a high-efficiency Tier 2 or 3 machine. For more details on the Tucson Water rebate program, visit their site. To view a list of qualifying appliances, visit here.
It’s a given that we all need water to survive, and it benefits everyone when we learn how best to conserve it. It’s a winning situation all around when we can sustain ourselves and our environment and enjoy the beautiful scenery water provides and still enjoy our modern conveniences!



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