Formerly a partner of Stellar Gray Fine Homes, a company that specializes in the Design, Construction and Sales of Authentic Mud Adobe homes, The Gray St. Onge Group is uniquely qualified in the Listing or Sale of Adobes homes. A regional vernacular, prominent throughout the Southwest, Adobes have maintained their popularity through the use of a limited palette of materials creating timelessness in design.

Our knowledge of Adobe construction, design and material uses has proven to be beneficial to our respective clientele. Whether it be listing a home and helping to establish value, access to specialized trades and vendors, or materials that are not readily available in the marketplace. Additionally, when listing your Adobe home with The Gray St. Onge Group, we have the ability to answer and facilitate difficult questions that inevitably present themselves during the course of a showing. For many Buyers coming from out of state, they are drawn to the natural beauty of an Adobe home, but the design and construction techniques are completely foreign. As a result, questions arise that many Brokers are simply unable to answer, or answer incorrectly, sometimes leading to a potential loss of sale.

Our knowledge also extends to our Buyer’s who are interested and curious about this wonderful style of home. Due to our integration into the Adobe home community, we often hear about homes that may be coming to market before the general public is notified, giving the advantage to our clientele.

If you would like more information about how we can assist you in the buying or selling of an Adobe home, please feel free to contact us, we are here to help.


We offer the highest level of expertise and service with integrity. The Gray St. Onge Group is a dedicated team with years of experience as leading real estate agents in Tucson, Arizona, and the surrounding area.

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