Tips for Properly Staging Your Home to Sell in Tucson

September 14, 2015

Tips for Properly Staging Your Home to Sell in Tucson
When you’re selling your home, you’re more likely to get more offers and much better offers if the place is inviting and neutral enough for many different individuals and families to see themselves in it.
Sure, you love the way you’ve decorated your home and all of the gentle touches that make it yours, but for now, you’re trying to appeal to as many buyers as possible.
So here are some clever tips to get you started as you clean the slate and prepare for an excellent sale!

1. Declutter

This tip is number one for a reason - a prospective buyer won’t be able to imagine making their own space in your home if it still appears to be very much your home. One of the major factors that creates a feeling of clutter is too much furniture, which will also make your space look smaller than it is. Often times when a professional stager enters a home they will remove as much as half of a home’s furniture. While you don’t need to make that significant a reduction, do be sure to assess the amount of furniture and whether any of it is unnecessary.

2. Arrange Spaces with Purpose

Be sure that each room and space in your home has a clear purpose for prospective buyers to imagine. Make careful furniture constellations so that it’s clear where conversation spaces could be or places of relaxation are. Put each piece of furniture to good use for the purpose of the room. Rooms full of storage bins or boxes will stop the buyer from seeing the space’s full potential - get creative and make a reading room or yoga room to keep the buyer’s interest. Remember that simply sliding furniture against the walls does not actually create space. Indicate the flow of the house with a clear, even plan of clusters and openings.

3. Keep Things Light and Bright

Make your home look warm and inviting with the right lighting. Simply increase the wattage - roughly 100 watts for every 50 square feet to make all spaces and surfaces glow their best. Aspire to three different types of lighting in each room - ambient, task, and accent.

4. Eliminate Seams, Create More Space

Continuing color from room to room creates the illusion of more space, which is why painting two adjacent rooms in the same neutral shade is a smart move. This rule doesn’t only apply to bedrooms - if you have a particularly small kitchen or bathroom you can also keep the color going to make your home look seamless as well.

5. Neutralize Harsh Tones

While there’s nothing wrong with having a bold home, staging is all about removing your tough from the home so that new buyers can see themselves in the space. Painting with neutral colors can also remove the dated feel from a home. While white walls will surely eliminate any personal touch from the home, a warm neutral shade will make the space look much more inviting and much less sterile. Neutral colors can also make space look much larger, as I just mentioned in the previous tip.

6. Maintain an Artistic Eye

Often times we place our art like a gallery - all in a row around the room at the same height. But for a little added elegance you can steer away from the gallery approach and place your art at varying heights and in varying arrangements in the room. Art that truly pops for the person viewing your home will just make your space stand out as memorable and refined.

7. Don’t Overdo It

Major renovations are not necessary for staging. While not everything in your home is sure to suit each person’s needs, this is no reason to spend the money you can put towards your next home on major fixes in this one. Buying new furniture is also unnecessary since furniture is so seldom the reason why a potential buyer struggles to warm up to the house. Too much furniture in the space is surely a poor idea, as I mentioned before, but buying new furniture will also not be the ideal solution.

8. Put Your Best Face Forward

Big fixes won’t be necessary, but smaller, inexpensive tasks cannot hurt your chances of appealing to home viewers. Repairing floorboards, cracks in the sidewalk, painting over wood paneling, or simply replacing the face and fixtures of cabinets are all little projects that truly help when trying to catch the eye of a potential buyer. Updates in the kitchen and bathroom are an excellent idea since buyers often focus on the perceived age and maintenance of these rooms.

9. Create a Spa Oasis

Show your viewers that a spa oasis awaits them with careful accessorizing in your bathrooms. Candles, baskets, plush rugs, and elegant towels will leave the impression that this room is a place to relax - which is what we all want, right? This inexpensive move is sure to have your potential buyers oohing and aahing over the lovely escape they could enjoy in this bathroom. Even half baths, small bathrooms, and bathrooms with just a shower can benefit from these touches. A restroom should be a restroom no matter the size.

10. Truly Clean Your Space

A viewing is each individual or family’s opportunity to really snoop around in every corner to get to know the space. Considering all of that snooping you’ll need to actually clean and organize your space. Shoving objects into a closet or under a sink is not a clever solution since any careful buyer will be sure to look everywhere.

11. Be Delicate with Smells

While you don’t want your home to have an odor when someone walks in, you also do not want the whole house to smell like a super sweet pina colada. While candles are a fun way to promote relaxation and make your home cozy, be sure they are not too scented. Not every individual entering your home will take comfort in heavy perfumes.

12. Avoid Taking It Personally

Selling your home is about making someone else feel welcome and comfortable. You’ll likely hear criticism regarding why space doesn’t seem ideal for them, their family, or their needs, but this does not mean you have somehow failed. Think of your home as a product you are selling and the feedback will only help you with your marketing, and general approach. Listen in, but don’t feel too emotionally attached.

13. Leave Pets Out of the Picture

While your pet may not be aggressive, filthy, or intimidating in size - pets are not for everyone. In fact, some may see pets and think space will have more damage because of them. While you don’t need to clear away any trace of Fido, it’s best that he is not present for the viewing.

14. Ask for Help

Even with all of these tips for your consideration, this project may just be too much for you to worry about. In that case, don’t be afraid to call in a professional. Sure, it’s another cost to tack on, but someone who knows their stuff can only help the situation. Let’s get this place sold!



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