The Top 6 Home Trends Forecasted for 2018

November 2, 2017

The Top 6 Home Trends Forecasted for 2018

The new year is on its way and with it comes a whole new set of trends that will give any home a fresh, modern look. From dazzling color choices to some fun spins on the traditional sink, there’s much to look forward to when it comes to home decor in 2018. Planning a remodel in the near future and want to know what will be trendy in the coming months? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 home trends we believe will blow everyone away next year.

1. Minimalistic Sleeping Spaces

Sleep is an incredibly important part of life. We all want our bedrooms to function as relaxing havens that are free from distractions. Fortunately, trend-setting interior designers have taken this into consideration and minimalistic bedrooms are now “the thing” to have. What does this mean specifically? Well, in general, you're likely to see more muted, calm, and neutral tones and fewer bright, eye-catching colors in the bedrooms of the new year. Additionally, the less clunky decor will be used and furniture will be chosen based on function rather than style or design. Lastly, we are likely to see a decline in the amount of clutter found in the bedroom, as excessive clutter is thought to distract from sleep.

2. Colorful Kitchens

In recent years, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the popularity of bright, white kitchens. These kitchens provide a clean and simple look that appeals to a wide variety of tastes. That said, many have become bored with the color-bland kitchen and have begun adding splashes of bright color. In the coming months, we will see a huge number of kitchens with pops of bold, bright color breaking up the stark white we have grown so fond of. This adds a bit of fun without taking away the clean, bright feel provided by the white base.

3. A Bit of Warmth

Of course, neutral colors such as white haven’t kept in the kitchen. The simplicity of white and black has been embraced by many and, thanks to the minimalism craze, these have become the base colors of many homes. In 2018 however, we foresee some rich neutrals being thrown into the mix. Warm grays and browns are likely to be found alongside black and white in living rooms as these colors allow homeowners to add a bit of welcoming comfort to their places while still holding onto the simplicity provided by neutrals.

4. Concrete Touches

Everyone knows that concrete is an excellent building material. However, up until recently, concrete has rarely been seen as part of the room decor of a home. All of that is changing as design-savvy individuals see the potential of this interesting, textured material. Concrete vases are now on the market and countertops made with this durable material are becoming more and more popular. Keep an eye out for more concrete accents and touches in the next several months.

5. Interesting Sinks

From trough sinks to sinks made from unconventional materials such as copper, granite, and concrete, you can expect to see plenty of interesting sink options in 2018. This is great news for those who are looking to update their kitchen or bathroom as it means more choices are available. Not sure which faucet to go with? Consider brass. This shiny metal is expected to make a name for itself in 2018 and could even begin to compete with the stainless steel that has become so commonplace.

6. Natural Additions

Lately, people have become very interested in trying a bit of nature into their lives. Because of this, natural materials such as stone, wood, and even bone have become very popular in home decor. In 2018, watch for this trend to take flight with all kinds of beautiful natural materials decorating the homes of family and friends. Going into the new year armed with this knowledge is sure to help you take on any remodeling projects you have in mind. It should also make buying new furniture and decor a cinch, something that is always a major bonus.


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