The Pampered Pooch: Giving Your Pets a Taste of the Luxury Life

October 3, 2017

The Pampered Pooch: Giving Your Pets a Taste of the Luxury Life

Is there anything in the world that you wouldn’t do for your adorable and loving pet? If you’re like most pet owners, you probably treat your pooch or cat better than you do most humans. And why not? Our pets are a part of our family and, more importantly, they give us unconditional love and ask for next to nothing in return. It’s no surprise that most people jump at the chance to shower their pets with anything that will make their tails wag, including designer home features.

As we design our homes to accommodate our own wants and needs, it is not uncommon for the high-end homeowner to include pet-friendly spaces and amenities in their home design.

How much is too much when it comes to pampering your favorite pet? If you’re in the luxury pet business, the answer is that, honestly, it never seems to be enough for pet owners. Entire industries have built up around treating celebrities and posh pets to the best of everything so they can enjoy the same luxury lifestyle as their owners.

And it’s easy to go into pet pampering overboard with luxury pet amenities and digs like these.

The Ultimate Dog House

Does your dog sleep in a plush stuffed bed or outside in a Snoopy-style dog house? If you’re a pet owner who has the means to provide your dog with a bigger and better place to call his own, why not opt for a doggie mansion?

London-based Hecate Verona crafts of kind dog manors that are loaded with real-home amenities and elegant design features that will make your dog proud to go to his room. Built by architects and master designers, the Hecate Verona line of dog manors will run pet owners between $40,000 and $200,000.

Other companies like Bowhaus nod their head to Bauhaus architecture with elegantly designed dog houses that have clean lines and lots of dog-friendly design features that won’t cost you as much as a real human house but remain designer-chic.
If you were going to have a dog house on your property, why not make it temperature-controlled, well-lit inside, scratch-resistant, and of course, as beautiful as the home its owner lives in.

Pet Nanny

You can hire a dog walker to come to your home twice a day and make sure that your four-legged bestie is getting the exercise and attention they need, but if you want a more immersive experience for your pet, a pet nanny may be the better choice.

Just as a human nanny would look after your children and provide them with the fun, attention, food, and activities they need, a pet nanny is a day-long pet care provider who will do everything for and with your pet. You’ll never have to worry that your cat or dog is lonely again.

Massage Therapy

Is your dog looking a little stressed these days? You can hire a certified pet massage therapist who is ready, willing, and able to rub your pup down and work out any knots, kinks, or sore muscles that may be keeping her from feeling her best. Dog massage therapy provides your pooch with increased energy, healthy digestion, and relaxed muscles so they can be 100%.

Pawdicures and Skincare

You spend thousands every year buffing and pampering your skin so you can look your best. Did you know that there are specially-designed skincare lines like DERMagic and for your pet’s skincare too? Have your dog nanny apply these treatments and watch your dog’s skin go from itchy and irritated to smooth and supple in no time at all.

If you’re going to opt for smart dog skincare, why not pamper your pooch with deluxe nail care? Pawdicures are the new hot trend in dog luxury and it is easy to see why. Your dog’s nails are an important part of their life and look, so why not treat them to a well-groomed set? Pawdicure specialists can come to your home for in-house treatments or you can opt to indulge in a pawdicure for your pooch at a local dog spa and hotel.

Paws-Only Fitness Center

It’s no surprise that dogs love to run, play, and swim, but if you keep a well-appointed house and outdoor area, the last thing you want is a ton of dog hair in your pool or a thrashed lawn. Instead, dog owners who really want to treat their dogs (and themselves) to outdoor fun and fitness can opt to install a dog fitness center.

From agility courses to jungle gyms, dog-centered fitness runs are a great way to get your dog out and playing all day long while he keeps his mind stimulated. Dog pools and spas will not only let your dog cool off in the hot summer sun, but swimming is just as therapeutic for dogs as it is for humans.  

Outside of the home, the luxury pet can be treated to…

Pet Hotels

Why subject your dog to the stressful and crowded conditions of a kennel or doggie daycare center when your pooch can be treated like royalty while you’re traveling. Whether you have a dog or cat with special medical or disciplinary needs or you just want to provide them with top-of-the-line services that will spoil them rotten, you can’t get better than designer pet hotels.

The Ritz Carlton of the pet boarding world, pet hotels not only shower your pets with round-the-clock attention and activities, but they also give your pet the luxury treatments you would expect to find at a world-class spa including mud baths, pawdicures, bedtime stories, grooming services, and late-night belly rubs to make sure that your pet is happy as a clam when you come to pick her up. 


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