Sell Right the First Time with These First-Time Seller Tips

January 12, 2017

Sell Right the First Time with These First-Time Seller Tips
Are you ready to move your family to a new home, but need some help getting your current house ready for the market? You’re not alone. Many experienced “movers” move from a rental into their first home with ease, but it can be a bit harder to move to your new home when you’re in the process of selling your current one.
Before you put your home on the market, be sure that your home is ready to earn you the highest possible price by following these tips for first-time sellers and finding the perfect agent to show off the beautiful home you’ve created.

Score an Agent You Can Trust

Unless you are a real estate agent yourself, it is vital that you find an experienced, professional, and well-reviewed listing agent to sell your home. The selling and negotiation process can be complicated, and you want a representative who is 100% in your corner and looking out for your best interests.
A qualified and trustworthy listing agent will help you price your home correctly, offer suggestions for easy upgrades that can score you more money, market your home smartly, and has the experience to negotiate on your behalf.

Research Your Price

We all want to get the very best price on the sale of our home, but it is vital that you do your market research to see what the going rate is for homes in your neighborhood.
Yes, a selling agent can help you find the best number to make your home sell quickly, but the reason that you should do your independent research is so that you can prepare your budget and finances for the move more accurately before the crush of showings and bids take over the process.
In the first two to three weeks of your home being on the market, your home will receive the largest number of potential buyers, so your home has to be ready to show and correctly priced from day one. Knowing what you could expect to get from your home in advance may influence how much money you can invest in repairs, updates, and enhancing the curb appeal of your home.

Be Photo Ready

There’s no getting around it – the internet rules all when it comes to marketing your home. That means that your home will be seen and assessed by potential buyers based largely on the photos that you provide. Make the best first impression by ensuring that your photos stand out and represent the very best in your home.
We’re not just talking about getting the right angles or making sure that you’re taking clear shots either. Too many sellers snap quick pics of their homes as-is and hope that no one will notice that giant pile of laundry in the corner. Unfortunately, what seems tucked away in a photo may stick out like an eyesore to potential buyers, turning them off to your home altogether.
If you are unsure where to start cleaning and organizing, consider hiring a professional cleaner or home organizer to put the best face on your home. Once your home has had the facelift it needs, takes the first photos of your home immediately before regular daily dust, children’s toys, and dishes pile up all over again.

Be Ready to Go

You may not plan on getting an asking price offer immediately, but in this market, it may very well be exactly what happens. From the moment that ‘For Sale’ sign hits your front lawn, you need to be emotionally and physically ready to leave within a few weeks.
Rather than waiting for an offer before you begin the moving process, skip the mad dash and start organizing, packing, decluttering, and selling off anything and everything that you no longer need before you put your home on the market.
This method works well for three reasons. First, it allows you to begin tackling the emotional aspects of moving, which can be overwhelming when combined with the stress of showing buyers your home day in and out. Second, decluttering and packing ensures that your home is as presentable as it can be for potential buyers who want to picture their family living in your home. Third, clearing out spaces opens them up and offers you a truer view of your home so you can keep an eye out for any repairs or simple upgrades that can help your home sell fast.

Make It Presentable

Clean, neutral-colored walls, a pop of color, and bright, clean windows can make a world of difference for a sale. Take a serious look at your home and evaluate where it can stand for a little improvement.
For many buyers, a little goes a long way, so adding a touch of style and elegance to your home can make the difference between a quick sale and a long wait on the market. Give potential buyers a clean canvas upon which to image their home, but also offer a dash of inspiration too. Show them how great a chaise looks in a unique spot or update your outdoor couch with bright and cheerful throw pillows that make buyers want to sit down and stay for a drink by the pool.
Making your home as presentable as you can before you sell gives you a much better chance of selling quickly, and may even translate into a better offer.



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