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Mastering Minimalism in the Modern Luxury Home

October 3, 2017

Mastering Minimalism in the Modern Luxury Home

Home design trends are ever-changing, and in this time of “see it, want it, have it,” when it comes to finding the right home style that reflects your needs and tastes, it can be hard to nail down a single style that works for every space of your home.

A design trend that never seems to fall out of favor, minimalism has long been the go-to home style of choice for anyone interested in pairing smart, angular design with open spaces that let lots of light in. Moreover, if you have a house that is surrounded by stunning landscapes, interesting rock faces, and other beautifully designed properties, you’re going to want to let those views in.

Minimalist design is the perfect choice to capture all those design features while still offering the flexibility to experiment with decorating trends as they evolve.

What makes minimalism so appealing? Far from being just another design trend, minimalism is a philosophy and a statement about your lifestyle. Minimalism reflects a homeowner’s personality and conveys feelings of openness, honesty, and prioritization of function over form.

Whether inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi style (finding beauty in the imperfections of natural materials and enhancing them through simple design) or embracing the Scandinavian interior design methods of simplicity and functionality, creating the optimum minimalist space is bound to make you fall in love with your house in a whole new way.

Instead of Victorian-era European extravagance where patterns and gilded, well, everything was added to the home as a show of one’s opulence and grandeur, minimalism in Scandinavia, coming into its own a few decades after the Victorian era, took its cues from post-modernist art. Holding natural form and materials to be more appealing than industrially-produced designs, minimalism seeks to promote a home’s harmony with the environment and improve everyday life.

In Japan, minimalism is all about expressing emotion. While both feature clean lines and simplicity, Scandinavian minimalism, both in-home design, and textile design, brings a splash color to the design. Japanese minimalism embraces abstracts and patterned styles to bring emotion into intimate and shared spaces.

Modern minimalist home designs can easily adapt to be a blend of both the Japanese and Scandinavian styles, but if the design adheres to the five principles of minimalism, any design choices you make for your home create timelessness and sophistication interiors.

These are the characteristics of minimalism in the modern luxury home:
  • Simplicity in both form and function of furniture, spaces, décor, and lighting
  • Clutter-free decorating that features only a few key, detailed pieces that reflect your individual personality
  • Natural or single-colored wall finishes
  • Open-plan spaces that are filled with natural light
  • Choosing natural (or natural finish) materials and textiles
While geometric forms and straight lines are a part of the minimalism design inspiration, they may not be the best choice for your individual style. Natural wood slabs, for instance, with their knots and curves, can be a show-stopping element in a minimally-designed home.

To transform your home into a modern minimalist masterpiece, consider incorporating smart storage solutions that keep your kitchen and closets clutter-free, recessed lighting, natural floors and countertops, and reduced palettes that promote comfort and relaxation in every room. Most importantly, remember to incorporate art, design elements, and décor that speaks to you and invites you to enjoy every inch of your minimalist home.


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