Leveraging Technology to Sell Luxury Properties

Gray St. Onge October 17, 2022

Leveraging Technology to Sell Luxury Properties

When you are selling luxury properties, you are selling a lifestyle. Fortunately, technology that is used in the real estate industry currently helps make this process easier. Here are five ways that you can utilize technology when marketing and selling Catalina Foothills, AZ homes for sale.

1. Drones

While drone technology has been around for several years, it is becoming a must-have technology for selling real estate. Drones are useful for providing viewers with unique perspectives of homes. By flying high above the property, you’ll be able to view the full layout of the property and surrounding areas. In addition to whole-property photography, drones can capture 360 images. 360 images allow the person viewing to freely scroll around the property to get a closer look at spaces that interest them. Drones are also capable of taking high-quality videos. A well-made video will tug on the viewer’s emotions, pulling them into the property in a way that photography cannot.

2. Computer-generated imagery

CGI is quickly becoming the way to allow potential homebuyers to walk through the home without visiting in person. The majority of potential home buyers start their search online, and CGI allows them to see the potential of the home, the room dimensions, and the flow through the home entirely online.

By using CGI to generate the floor layout, and even using it for virtual staging with decor and furniture, you can create a space that will separate the potential homebuyer from the current owners by presenting them with a vision of what the space could become.

CGI is also useful for properties that have not yet been built. When someone is buying a home based on construction plans, they don’t get the full vision of what the house will become. CGI will allow you to virtually build the space, enticing buyers with the vision of what the home can be once it is fully constructed.

3. Artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the real estate industry. AI is making the process of combing through data infinitely easier. The data can be analyzed and distributed by AI in mere seconds.

After analyzing your data, AI is capable of pulling relevant information about the property you are selling and matching it to potential buyers based on the information you have on them. This will allow you to provide potential buyers with an increased level of customer service. This makes the marketing process easier for buyers and sellers, leading to an increased chance of closing on a sale.

4. Chatbots

A subset of AI technology that is becoming increasingly popular in real estate is the use of the chatbot. When you are selling a home, chatbots will help you manage your time and continue to be a responsive agent. Chatbots can be used to schedule tours and even provide clients with links to virtual tours of homes.

Chatbots will also be helpful during the lead-generating phase. Not every lead you get is going to be profitable. Chatbots can interact with potential buyers first, which will give you more time to build relationships with qualified leads that may turn into actual sales.

5. Online documents

Digital applications make it easy to present and sign documents efficiently. There are many online technology services that allow you to send and sign documents in a confidential, secure way. These documents are just as legally binding as the ones you would present and sign in person but will save you time and effort that can be better spent on other endeavors.

When you are ready to begin the journey of buying or selling real estate, you need to work with a professional agent who has an array of knowledge about Catalina Foothills, AZ homes for sale. Jameson Gray and McKenna St. Onge of Gray | St. Onge have more than 25 years of combined real estate experience and more than half a billion in closed sales. Reach out to Jameson and McKenna when you are ready to start your real estate journey.

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