Is a Gated Community for You?

December 2, 2015

Is a Gated Community for You?
Gated communities are one of the most popular development trends throughout the southwest. There are plenty of wonderful housing options in and outside of the gates.
There are also pros and cons to both types of communities. So how will you know if a gated community is for you? Here are a few things to consider while you decide.

Some Added Security

One of the biggest reasons why many people choose to buy homes in gated communities is the feeling of added safety. Although you can never be guaranteed 100 percent total security, the walls around a gated community are a big deterrent to crime.
Outsiders who don’t live in the community or who haven’t been invited in have to work harder to find a way through. This means that property and violent crime are less likely than in a traditional, unfenced neighborhood.
Many gated communities also employ a security guard, either stationed at the entrance gate or on rolling patrol, or a courtesy patrol to check for anything that is awry. Plenty of gated communities also engage in neighborhood watch activities.
Particularly if you have children who will be playing outside, the feeling of safety a gated community brings can be particularly attractive.

Neighbors You Know

Along with the increased security, gated communities also offer you the ability to know your neighbors a little bit better. Between community events and encountering familiar faces or vehicles at the gate, there are more opportunities to come into contact with the people who live on your street and around the corner.
Knowing your neighbors is a form of added security for many homeowners. Neighbors who are aware of one another’s habits are more likely to be able to pinpoint if something is wrong across the street.
But knowing your fellow homeowners is also a way to feel more at home on your street. Having a relationship—or at least an acquaintanceship—with your neighbor can lead to a greater sense of community and belonging.
You will certainly make friends—and so will your children and pets. For new homeowners and new parents alike, the feeling of belonging within the gates can go a long way toward helping you feel comfortable in your new role.

Feeling of Exclusivity

Community and security aside, there is also a certain luxurious feeling of exclusivity that comes from living in a gated community. No matter how you access the entry gate, you are one of a select group of people who have that privilege.
Each community has its own style and personality. When you find the right one to match your needs and desires, you become dialed into a living experience that only a few other homeowners get to share. 
No matter how much you spend on your house, that’s a great feeling to have—especially as you begin to enmesh yourself in the community and feel truly at home.
It’s definitely possible to feel safety, belonging, and exclusivity when you live in an unfenced community, as well. These feelings are more pronounced in a gated community, and the experience is more controlled.
If you like the idea of having more surety about your home’s surroundings and the feeling of your neighborhood, then a gated community is truly for you. 



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