Indoor Atriums and Garden Rooms

October 27, 2017

Indoor Atriums and Garden Rooms

An indoor atrium spills lush, green plant life into your home. If you miss the green vegetation of places outside of the Arizona desert, a garden room is the perfect home compromise. By adding a greenhouse or creating a small atrium to your home, you can satisfy your inner gardener and enjoy the benefits of Arizona living. The secret of an atrium is that it doesn’t have to be just for your plant life, but it also doubles as a sitting room, office, or foyer. In essence, it’s the chance to choose your own adventure for your home.

Building Basics of an Indoor Atrium

Indoor atriums are a lovely way to benefit from natural light and hydrating greenery. With multiple ways to construct an atrium, you can truly design a space unique to you and your home. Some atriums are placed in the center of the home or added to the side of the home with only two substantial walls and two glass. An indoor garden can become your home’s oasis in the desert. It’s a sweet space that not only boosts the real estate of your house but is also ideal for meditation, afternoon teas, and late-night grilling. Incorporate a decorative water piece to refresh the room and trickle relaxing sounds throughout. A bubbling fountain or small waterfall into a pond are simple touches that enhance your atrium. If the atrium is open to outdoor air, wind chimes dramatize the area with a variety of jangling tones as the wind blows. A fully enclosed garden could be a lovely place to home a family of finches. These lively, little birds will sing and further naturalize your space. You could choose to allow them to fly free or house them in a cage that matches the design of your garden room.

Plant Basics of Your Garden

To design a truly cohesive space, you’ll want to have an idea of what plants and flowers will call your indoor garden their home.

Assess Sunlight

When choosing the right types of blooms for your atrium, the amount of sunlight filtering through your windows must be considered. If your greenhouse receives sun all day long, your plants will need to be hardy enough to handle that much sun. However, less hardy plants may be potted near a wall that allows more shade throughout the day.

Potting Soil

Although there’s plenty of dirt in your yard, opt to use potting soil. This specially prepared soil has the right nutrients and density to encourage a full and long life for your plants. Be sure to moisten the soil before planting and to use containers with drainage capabilities.

Tropicals or Succulents

While tropical plants prefer hydrated heat, succulents flourish in dry sunlight. Although a few items might exist in the same environment, many cannot. A wonderful collection of different plant life is available for your indoor garden and you need only create just the right temperature and hydration for those flowers, plants, and grasses to thrive. Adding an indoor garden to your home has so many benefits and makes for a wonderful place to retire to after a long day or for a relaxed weekend. No matter what kind of plant life you choose, you’re sure to create a truly special spot in your home.


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