Ideas to Sleep on When Choosing the Best Bed for You

March 21, 2016

Ideas to Sleep on When Choosing the Best Bed for You
“Wow, what a day...Zzzz....”
Isn’t that the best way to end your day? With no special sleep tonics or medications to help you get to dreamland? The mattress you choose and the pillow you lay your head on ideally feel like the fluffiest clouds in the heavens, especially made for you. With the best sleep set up, you can leave the sheep in the barn! 
When outfitting your home with furniture, the most common mistake many homeowners make is not buying clashing drapes and living room sets, but buying a bed that doesn’t suit them. So many victims of sleep deprivation face the Goldilocks dilemma; finding the bed that is not too hard or too soft, but just right.
You can lay out plenty of greenbacks for a bed that seems ideal, or purchase a certain bed because the TV said so and wind up with a lumpy mess that wrecks your back and makes your neck feel as tense as a sports fan with a bet riding on their favorite team. What’s worse, you could be stuck with it. 
A bed is an often taken-for-granted investment. Proper rest and good sleep posture are not to be underestimated! Your job performance, mood, and overall health can be influenced by the bed you sleep on each night. No one wants to spend night after night with a bed that doesn’t afford them the healthful rest they deserve and need. 
Here is what you should consider in order not to rue the day you bought your bed:

Buyer beware

Make sure you understand the terms when you buy your bed. See if there is a trial period, particularly for more expensive beds, and understand the warranty. Read the fine print if you are financing. And for goodness sake, don’t buy a bed online! You really must try it out in the store first to know what you’re getting, plus returns can be difficult as you must return the bed in immaculate condition to get your money back.


Make certain that you will have enough room for the bed you desire. Take measurements of your room and account for the other objects that take up space. Determine where your bed will fit among other bedroom furniture and leave yourself plenty of room to maneuver rather than having the bed take up all the space. If your room won’t hold a king-sized bed, you can still have ample dozing space with a queen-size.

Mattress type

Memory foam, sleep number beds, Posturpedics, and plain mattress with box spring. Organic or synthetic materials. There really is no one best bed for everyone. Memory foam has become all the rage, and if you invest in a mattress made of this material make sure it’s a good grade. You will pay a little more for a dense foam that lasts longer, but lovers of this type of mattress zzzwear by it! If you have a back injury or chronic pain, the type of mattress you invest in can make the difference between tossing and turning tonight followed by a surly, achy day tomorrow and restful sleep followed by a day where you can be on your A-game.


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