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How to Choose Patio Furniture for Your Home

May 25, 2016

How to Choose Patio Furniture for Your Home

A well-set patio can be the pride and joy of all your home living spaces. Patios are for gatherings, an intimate chat with your best friend or just lounging with your favorite drink and reading material. Your patio can be a liberating, shaded place outdoors where you can play a radio or small television as you finish a knitting project or other favorite craft.
There is a multitude of lovely styles and color schemes to choose from when it comes to patio furniture, but consider these other important ideas when you select the furniture for your outdoor living space:


Most patios are located in the back of the home, but which way does your home face? If you have a south-facing backyard, you will want to consider an extensive awning for shade if your patio is open-faced.


What do you want to do on your patio? Will you need room to host a few seated guests, or will you need standing room for in-house spill over during parties? The moving room you will need to spare will be different depending on whether you want to play card games or raise a potted flower garden.

Surrounding colors and shapes

Naturally, you will want to choose colors that appeal to you, but if a feature of your home clashes with the furniture you bring in, this could make the entire space feel crowded, awkward, or uneasy. The colors coating your home’s exterior and the design of the patio floorplan itself can make the difference in which furniture suits the space best. The shape of the furniture you select can create a difficult relationship between the furniture and surrounding shapes. You can create a more relaxed atmosphere on a square-shaped patio if you include rounded furniture such as wicker chairs or a large Papasan chair.


Since your furniture will be outdoors, consider how much time you want to spend maintaining the material. If you have an exposed patio, the sun will bleach that brilliant apricot color that you fell in love with at the retailer. If your fur babies will be hanging out with you, their hair will embed into some types of fabrics and become impossible to get out. Wood materials will dry and crack with the heat unless you get a special finished material designed for the elements. Wrought iron furniture could need touch-up paint eventually.

Staying cool

Modern building codes require that homes be designed with electrical outlets in certain parts of the home. More than likely you will have a way to plug in an oscillating fan to create a breeze as you sip your favorite beverage, but if you install misters, take that into consideration when you select the material of your furniture. Some fabrics or untreated wood will deteriorate under even light mist over time. This is also why you want to make sure that the furniture you select is really for outdoor use. If your patio is uncovered, the wrong materials will be ruined when it rains.



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