Hosting Your First Thanksgiving in Your New Home

November 17, 2016

Hosting Your First Thanksgiving in Your New Home
Thanksgiving is a time of family and togetherness, but most of all, it’s a day to reflect on the year and give thanks for the people and events that have made your year all the more special. If you have just purchased a home, Thanksgiving can be a great way to invite your family and friends to enjoy the first major holiday in your beautiful new home.
Typically, Thanksgiving is a holiday comprised of traditions, so it can be the perfect holiday to breathe some new life and traditions into your family’s Thanksgiving Day. If you are ready to host this year’s festivities, follow these tips to keep the first Thanksgiving in your new home stress-free and make it a holiday that you’ll be thankful for next year.

Plan Ahead

Everyone is on the hunt for the perfect recipes, turkey, and table arrangements to make this holiday one remember. It should be no surprise that those who take the time to organize not only a menu but also all the little details in advance, find it easier to navigate the day-to-day planning that goes into a large holiday dinner.
Start by listing all items that you’ll need for your dinner and dessert menu, then move to decorate, home and furniture organization, and what to do with guests who may be staying over for the night. Once your tasks are mapped out, you will find it easier to begin scheduling your days leading up to the holiday to maximize your time and efficiency.

Try a Change in Menu

There is always room at the table for family favorites like grandma’s famous pumpkin pie, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t also room for some new Thanksgiving recipes. With the rise of vegetarian, alternate grain, and low-carb recipes on the internet, Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to showcase some fab new sides, some yummy low-cal desserts, or add a new twist to traditional stuffing.

Entertain the Kids

No matter how much we enjoy spending time with our children, when large families get together for a holiday, the crush of children can be a bit overwhelming when you’re trying to focus on preparing a meal. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to keep the kids out of the kitchen and entertained until dinner starts.
Find a usable space in your home that is also communal, like the living room or a family room, to set up a kid-friendly entertainment zone. Have guests bring over their favorite board games, offer DVDs and video games, coloring books, and Thanksgiving crafts ready to go when kids arrive so they have a room full of boredom-busters available.

Spend Time with Your Family

What your family and friends will remember most about enjoying their first holiday in your new home won’t be how perfect your turkey decorations were, but how you all got to spend some quality time together hanging out, sharing stories, and strengthening your family bonds.
Do not get so wrapped up in making your first Thanksgiving in your brand-new house the best one yet that you forget what this holiday is all about. Prepare yourself to leave some dirty dishes in the sink for a few hours longer while you share a bottle of wine and some love with your nearest and dearest.



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