Haute Ways to Add Color to Your Home’s Palette

August 15, 2017

Haute Ways to Add Color to Your Home’s Palette

You want your home to be more than just four walls. Your home should stand out, get noticed, and garner the attention it deserves, and that means making smart, sophisticated changes to your existing home color palette.

When professional interior decorators are called in to design gorgeous spaces throughout a home, they do so knowing full well that their design, no matter how on-point at the moment, is fleeting. Every single day on the job, designers encounter new colors, patterns, textures, and features that are battling to be the latest hot design trend, and ultimately that means that your home is an experiment in style. It is equal parts in vogue inspiration and personal taste, and that makes for spaces that are beautiful but all-too-quickly dated.

Whether it has been a while since you’ve had an interior designer over for a chat, if you just purchased a home that could use a facelift, or have been bitten by the bug to freshen up your indoor spaces, there is no better time to use color as your ultimate tool for the task at hand.

Color is incredibly powerful and just a little bit of it in the right places can update and add identity to a room that needs some vitality. Here are the hottest ways to drop that color in and let it work its magic in every room of your lux home.


Your kitchen breakfast bar or island stools and chairs are probably drowning in browns, creams, or grays. Revitalize them with color! A brightly-colored seat cushion with solid or mixed colors (think corals, Aquas, and grassy greens) will make your kitchen buzzing with life. Tie in some basic elements like a similarly-toned centerpiece and you’ll have a kitchen that is alive and inviting in an instant. Better still, cushions can be switched out seasonally so you can always have a stylish kitchen no matter how the trends change.

Dining Room

Your plates may be gorgeous, but it takes a brave homeowner to break the white-and-delicately-trimmed plate mold and forge their own path to happy meals through colorful plates. Ornate plates are now and have always been the norm in food-revered countries all around the world. Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Japan, the Middle East – these world-renowned foodie cultures serve their food on brightly-colored plates that are brimming with exquisite details and tons of color.

Set the table for your next big party with some ornate plates, chargers, and glasses, and watch your guests’ faces light up with joy (and envy).

Living Room / Family Room

The family room is all about comfort and relaxing with your friends and family in a casual space, and doesn’t have to be dredged in whites and grays alone. Blues have a dazzling tonal array, and the right shade can transform a comfortable room into a relaxing haven. Purple-heavy blues, peacock-toned teals, and bright seaside blues on throw pillows, accent chairs, textiles, and throw blankets can add just the right tones that will kick your living room style up a notch. Add must-have patterns like fish scales, stars, and woodland creatures to be extra chic.


Your private bathrooms should be your oasis, and that means that they should meet your exacting comfort and style standards. For shared and guest bathrooms, however, color can make a big impact on and send all the right messages about your designer’s eye. Take the sophisticated approach to bathroom color pops by adding a cheerful floral arrangement and vase that concentrates a burst of color in a room that is meant to be peaceful and tranquil. Tie those colors in with a new piece of art or a re-upholstered vanity chair and watch those bathrooms go from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ in an instant. Be sure that your bathroom’s lighting is complimentary as well to complete the look.


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