Getting Your Home Ready for the Winter In 4 Steps

December 15, 2016

Getting Your Home Ready for the Winter In 4 Steps
When you think of Southern Arizona, you probably don’t about how cold it can get from December through February, but the truth is that Tucsonans suffer through the winter just like everywhere else. Even in new homes with upgraded features, the cold air can find its way into your home, and that means that your heating and energy bills will rise unnecessarily. 
There are some quick and easy ways that you can ensure your home is ready to handle the coming winter weather without inflated energy costs, drafty hallways, and possibly some very costly repairs. 

Book a Furnace Inspection

Did you know that even if your furnace was running perfectly fine last year, a lack of maintenance during the seemingly endless summer months could make your furnace unsafe for your home?
A proper furnace inspection can be done by an HVAC professional, and though it may cost you a few bucks for the inspection, you can prevent major issues from cropping up down the line. A professional inspection will check several things on your furnace like the motor and fan, the air filters, the blower, and whether or not there is a carbon monoxide leak. Upon inspection, an HVAC professional can also check all the gas piping and let you know if it is time to upgrade or replace your furnace for maximum efficiency. 

Clean Your Gutters

Most people hate cleaning their gutters and especially like to neglect them when it gets cold outside. Unfortunately, your gutters perform a very necessary job of rerouting water away from your home. When you let leaves and debris pile up in your gutters during the autumn months, clogging up the system so rainwater can’t get through it, all that water still needs to go somewhere, and chances are it is heading straight for your home’s foundation. 
If you have never had to repair cracks in your home’s foundation, consider yourself lucky and prevent them from occurring in the first place. If you have been the unfortunate recipient of a foundation repair bill, you know that it can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to as much as $30,000 to repair. 

Control Your Thermostat 

Far too many homeowners take their thermostats for granted, but if you find the right one to suit your home and family’s needs, you can create a much more comfortable home. Many newer model thermostats can be operated by your cell phone, so you will always walk to the right temperature instead of heating your home when no one is there (and paying a fortune to do it). 
If you are handy, you can install a new thermostat yourself, but a professional can get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Seal Your Home Up

There are a ton of ways that your home loses heat, from your doorframes to unsealed windows. It is easy enough to see where your home can be leaking by checking frames and seals with a lighter or candle to witness any drafts. 
Windows can easily be caulked and resealed, but if you have older windows that are not double-pane, you may want to consider upgrading to more energy-efficient windows. Door drafts usually come from underneath and can be sealed with draft blockers. If your weatherstripping is old, cracked, or worn thin, replacing it can be a real heat and money saver. 



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