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Everything You Need to Know About Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

 |  April 6, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

A Trend That Will Be Dominating the Market for Years, and Here’s All That You Need to Know About It

The blend of indoor/outdoor space is one of the most sought-out living trends, recently but what exactly is it? We’ll be giving you the gist of what it’s all about and how you can transform your living space that will maximize your indoor/outdoor experience.

What is Indoor/Outdoor Living?

From the name itself, it’s a mix of the indoors and the outdoors, but going deeper than that, it’s all about the connection between your home and nature. Having the relaxing atmosphere of the outside without leaving the comforts of your own home is something nice to have, and now during COVID-19, it is something that people are looking for nowadays.

Why is it Trendy?

According to Forbes, there are several reasons why indoor/outdoor spaces are trending. Gathering friends and family for entertainment is one, and now during the pandemic, it’s a safer gathering option than, for example, eating out in a restaurant. Another thing is privacy. Having your own private space while enjoying the outdoors is becoming an increasing priority for current and future homeowners alike and having an indoor/outdoor space surely meets that demand.
We are certainly trying to connect back to nature as well, so having an indoor/outdoor space completes that need within your own home. It even benefits your own health since being in nature reduces stress.

How to Add Indoor/Outdoor Space to your Home

You can certainly make a few adjustments in your own home to make a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor by having floor-to-ceiling windows and installing sliding glass doors for entry to your enhanced outdoor space. This smooth transition unifies the indoor/outdoor space to truly make it a part of your home.
Another trendy design that will add dimension to your indoor/outdoor living is pergolas. These structures are helpful during hot sunny days as it shades your space from the sun and helps plants and vines spread out, which will complete the look of your outdoor space.
Adding friendly-weather decor, upgrading your outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen, and a pool house will bring your indoor/outdoor space to a whole new level. One of the reasons these spaces are trending is because it makes entertaining a breeze! You can do so much more when hosting guests by having a pool and kitchen all outside, especially during the summer!
Now that you are familiar with indoor/outdoor spaces, you might be looking for houses that maybe come with a pool, and what better way to find the right home for you than to contact Gray | St. Onge today! Gray | St. Onge will help scour through homes with pools for sale in Oro Valley, AZ, and Tucson, AZ luxury estates to help you find the right home with the right indoor/outdoor space.


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