Breathtaking Interior Designs Inspired by Asia

December 27, 2017

Breathtaking Interior Designs Inspired by Asia

With a new year comes a new opportunity to create a welcoming and comfortable home. If you’re looking for amazing new decor ideas for 2018, why not turn to Asia? This beautiful area of the world is truly inspiring when it comes to decor and a quick look at some Asian-style decor is sure to leave you feeling up to the challenge of an interior design project. In order to get your project started, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite interior designs inspired by Asia.

In Harmony with Nature

This California home is an incredible example of how the Asian style of decor can really put a person in touch with nature. We love the beautiful landscaping in the backyard and the outdoor shower and relaxing space. The simple furniture created with natural materials and the open feel of the space helps the beauty of the outdoors flow right into the home. Because of this, the house has a nice airy feel and would be the perfect place to sit and meditate.

It’s In the Details

The next home on our list is, oddly enough, also located in California. Here we see a nice blend of modern California style and Asian-inspired design. The result is a truly lovely home that anyone could take ideas from. Again, we see the emphasis on nature through the use of materials such as teak as well as beautiful outdoor spaces. We also see several smaller pieces of Asian decor that really help pull the look together.

Rich and Comfy

A remodeled vacation home from the 1930s, this space has a distinctly Asian feel that offers plenty of cozy comforts. The gorgeous, Japanese-style cabinetry hides away clutter while also adding rich color to space, and the use of plants indoors provides the traditional touches of nature. Finally, the plush, oriental runner rug in the hallway makes the space feel extra comfortable and serves a purpose while also adding a touch of beauty to the home.

Sleek Simplicity

The minimalism movement is fairly new here in the US. In Asia, however, the idea of cutting the clutter has been around for centuries. This explains the fact that much of Asian design skips the lavish and extravagant options for simpler options. That said, simply doesn’t have to mean plain or boring, and we think these Asian-inspired minimalist homes are the perfect example of that. These homes use sleek lines, interesting curves pops of color, and natural materials to create simple, fun spaces every minimalist will love.

Colorful Funs

Bright, bold colors make everything more interesting. While more traditional Asian decor would call for reds and oranges, those who go for a more modern Asian-inspired look can use almost any color they like. This video shows how traditional Asian design can be paired with bright colors and modern decor ideas to create a super fun space that’ll leave you feeling energized for sure. By checking out these incredible home designs and throwing in a few ideas of your own, you’ll definitely find the perfect Asian-inspired look for your home. Why not start your planning today? After all, the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy your gorgeous new decor!


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