Amenities Every Luxury Home Deserves

July 31, 2017

Amenities Every Luxury Home Deserves

If you are of a certain age, you will recall watching Silver Spoons on television and thinking “When I grow up I’m going to have a mansion like that.” Because when you are a kid, there is no luxury home amenity finer than a room dedicated to arcade games, a custom race car bed, and of course, a train that runs through the entire house.

As we grow up and our luxury home amenities become more realistic and much more opulent. Though, like on Silver Spoons, the amenities that luxury homeowners opt for are designed to serve the same functions: entertainment and rest.

In Arizona, luxury homes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but many of them have similar features that are designed to take advantage of our near-year-round amazing weather and outstanding views of mountains, valleys, and cityscapes. Of course, there are many other luxury home amenities that you can find in affluent homes all around the world that are equally at home in an Arizona house.

Here are some of the most incredible – and most lavish – home amenities that any luxury homeowner would be proud to make a part of their home.

A Room with a View

Whether it is floor to ceiling windows, an oversized window nook with a bed, or an expansive, custom-designed skylight, adding tons of glorious light to a home is a great way to boost the entire home’s energy, make spaces feel airy and light, and boost the mood of everyone in the home.

More Than a Barbecue

A stone or built-in barbecue is a must-have for any luxury home, but incorporating other elements into the outdoor grilling space will make it all the more impressive and useful. Adding a pizza oven, an Indian tandoori, a hibachi grill, a smoker, spider burners, or a griddle for breakfasts will take your barbecue from average to truly opulent.

A Personal Coffee Bar

An avid coffee lover knows the value of a great cup of java, and they also know that not all cups of coffee are created equal. There are many machines and gadgets that are used to create one great cup of coffee, but if you are a true coffee connoisseur, adding a dedicated coffee bar to your home can make your mornings and your parties a whole lot more extravagant (and tasty). Specialty brews, an espresso machine, a variety of coffee casks, a grinder, a bean roaster, a cappuccino maker, and a pod-based single cup dispenser can turn morning or after dinner coffee into a work of art.

An Indoor, Organic Hydroponic Garden

Everyone wants to feed their family the best food possible, and with a Kitchen Nano Garden, homeowners can be certain that they can grow their own fresh foods indoors in one, free-standing grower. Ensuring the availability of fresh herbs, greens, and sprouts can make all meals delicious and healthy, and the sleek design and easy-care system give you restaurant-quality greens right in your own kitchen or butler’s pantry.

A Soaking Tub

While oversized showers and whirlpool tubs are par for the course in any large home, a relaxing soaking tub is the new must-have bathroom amenity that everyone is scrambling to add to their home. If you are an Arizona homeowner, you may find yourself considering adding a luxuriant soaking tub to an outdoor space or near an expansive window where you can take in the calm, relaxation of your surroundings.

His and Hers Office

Just like his and hers, vanities are absolutely necessary for a bathroom, his and hers offices are becoming more popular as the functionality and necessity of home offices grow. No matter how large the home office, sharing an office with your partner means agreeing on many elements of the design that are not always compatible. Separate offices can ensure that the video chat-loving partner and the music blasting partner can each have their own designated home office spaces without bothering one another.


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