8 Fine Points to Hiring an Interior Designer

May 17, 2016

8 Fine Points to Hiring an Interior Designer
When you decide to hire an interior designer, the relationship you develop with that designer will be every bit as intimate as what you have with your regular hairdresser or barber – if not more so.
Granted, the personal appearance that you present to the world is of extreme importance, but there are various reasons why wigs are made! Hair will grow back and some damage can be undone should you be dissatisfied with the outcome of a ‘do.
The décor within your home is just as personal and touchy a subject. Any misstep in design can be costly, time-consuming, and difficult to reverse, which increases the value of a top-notch interior designer. Many homeowners believe that the point de départ of fashioning the home of their dreams is finding a reputable designer, but it isn’t the only consideration. Like any artist, interior designers cannot operate with a magic wand.
Here are a few ideas to chew over before settling on an interior designer:
+ The scope of your project- Do you want a complete transformation of spaces in your home or do your spaces simply need bringing up to date?
+ What is your desired effect? Do you want your home to simply be a place to hang your hat or a sanctuary? What do you want to see when you enter your doorways? How do you want your guests to feel at your home?
+ What is your personal style? This can mean what colors, objects, patterns, and textures appeal to you most. These are also the principles of design that will be considered when your designer creates your home’s look.
+ Are you shooting for a specific period? If 18th-century fashion is your passion, you will need to communicate this to your designer.
+ How large are the spaces your designer will work with? Do you want to minimize overwhelming spaces or maximize smaller spaces?
+ Do you want a permanent change or something more flexible that can be tailored for seasons and holidays?
+ What is your budget? Discuss billing with your designer.
+ Do you want the soup to nuts involvement in the creative process?
Once you consider these points, you can start exploring designers. Remember that you will be contracting a professional to do a job, but that it’s also very important to accept feedback from your designer. A good designer will also interview you to get a better feel for your needs, preferences, and how you will occupy the space they design for you.
Interior designers should really know their furniture and have a portfolio to show you. Even more importantly, however, you should select a designer who will be flexible with your wishes and is an attentive listener with great focus. The relationship you develop with your designer is of utmost importance since it’s one of reciprocal trust. You can verify your prospective designer’s credentials to make sure they understand the safety and state codes regarding building structures and toxicity and fire ratings of various materials.
Visit the website of the American Society of Interior Designers to learn more about accreditation in Southern Arizona at
If you are a Pinterest addict, or just enjoy the comfort of snooping the internet for options, online services like Laurel & Wolf and Havenly can also link you up with interior designers who understand your vision.


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