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5 Places to Find Design Inspiration

July 28, 2016

5 Places to Find Design Inspiration

There is nothing like the feeling of moving into a new house, throwing open the doors, and envisioning what your brand new home will look like. The limitless possibilities of what your home can become are all a part of the thrill of buying a new home.
What is usually an exciting part of the home buying adventure for many can seem like a nightmare for people who have a hard time finding inspiration.
Thankfully, there are plenty of places to get some motivation. Here are 5 absolutely fool-proof places that you can go to be inspired to create a space that is uniquely yours and will make that house you just bought your perfect home.


Whether or not you intend to use it, Pinterest will find you. Starting a Pinterest board and pinning anything and everything that makes you feel connected to your home and passion is downright vital these days.
Not too much needs to be said about Pinterest beyond that it is a place to pin just about everything that you find interesting, and it offers the added benefit of being able to organize your pins by room, color, pattern—or any other way you choose.

Antique Stores

You’ve probably heard that good things never go out of style, and the same can be said when it comes to finding decorating inspiration. For as long as there have been things to decorate with, there have been old things that need a new home.
An antique store is an amazing place to start your design journey as they carry everything from furniture to kitchen accessories and accents. Even if you don’t walk away with any items, in particular, you will probably go home with some great ideas to write your own home’s history with.


Whether your interests lie in modern art, native cultures, art from distant lands, or classical paintings, no matter what museum you choose, you are bound to leave brimming with inspiration and boundless creative energy.
Museums have the power to wallop us with color, patterns, style, and design, and that energy can easily be transferred into decorating your home. A trip to the museum can shake loose all of the design fog that may be lurking within you and give you a clear path to figuring out what you want your home to feel like.

Your Friend’s Houses

Every one of us has friends who are effortlessly cool, and that is often reflected in the ways they deck out their homes. If you have friends whose style you admire, take note of how they choose the pieces that they put in their homes as well as how that piece reflects and fits in with their home’s overall style.
If you have a friend who is interested in photography, for example, they likely have interesting photographs adorning their walls. Beyond the photos, look at how the frames themselves add to the aesthetic. Perhaps the pictures are primarily black and white, and your friend uses pops of vibrant color to make their style stand out.
Whatever they do that makes you stand up and take notice, remember that you too can find your inspiration by following your passions and making them a part of your home’s space.

Libraries and Bookstores

Heralded as sanctuaries of wisdom, it is no surprise that libraries and bookstores are filled to the brim with shelf after shelf of inspiration. Books on interior design, graffiti art, graphic design, classic literature, and architecture books that span thousands of years into history are available for you to feast your eyes upon.
A book can be a passageway to your design inspiration in more ways than one. Whether you begin by piling through the pages of your favorite books from childhood or take a peek through the pages of design and decorating magazines, the inspiration that you need to create a space that is perfectly yours will be right at your fingertips.



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