5 Gorgeous Ways to Transform Your Home Office

August 5, 2017

5 Gorgeous Ways to Transform Your Home Office

Things are changing fast in the business world. Gone are the days when a sleek corporate office was the height of business sophistication. With telecommuting quickly becoming the new norm, designers are focusing their attention on creating the perfect space to make working from home the new must-have executive feature. Enter the luxury home office, the new standard for business leaders everywhere.

When you are working from home, whether that work involves running your own business, taking your work home with you, or telecommuting, the office in your home should be not just space from which to complete your daily tasks. They are the places we make our most important decisions, hammer out contracts, and conduct the business that keeps our careers moving.

Even if you have a home office already, there is always room to make one of the most important spaces of your home a standout one that sends all the right signals.

Home offices should not be cramped, uncomfortable, or dreary. Transforming a simple workspace into a sophisticated and formal place of business can also transform the way you feel about yourself and your work.

To start, a home office should be a distinctly separate space from the home and family spaces in the house. This is done so because it is important for both your career and your family to keep your work life and your home life set apart from one another. In this way, you can focus on your work in the office and your family out of the office. It also allows you to create a space that speaks to your business side and communicate your status.

Ready to transform your regular home office into an extraordinary one? Here are 5 chic ways to make your office the perfect workspace.


Rich timber floors, walls, and furniture are elegant, speak of great taste, and can make a cold office feel warm yet austere. A deep stain finish or mahogany wood can add an element of authority, while a luxury wood-like Bocote, purple heart, or Bubinga on a table or desk provides a bit of grandeur to an office. For anyone who loves a bit of buzz and points of visual interest in their surroundings, woods like Tiger Strand bamboo or zebra wood can add a flash of energy to a wall, floor, or piece of accent furniture.


Lighting is crucial to creating the ideal workspace. If you flourish in the sunshine and feel energized to get work done when you’re bathed in light, white and blue lighting can brighten up any room. White walls or tile floors are perfect for bouncing light around. For the ultimate in light, a floor-to-ceiling window wall, a skylight, or open-air indoor/outdoor office space can deliver the invigorating brightness you crave.

For those who prefer yellow, warmer lighting, a roaring fireplace, custom sconces, and well-appointed lamps can give an office a candle-like feel. Yellow-toned lights work beautifully alongside rich, dark woods, leathers, and fabrics.


Whether you opt for a pair of richly-colored club chairs, a stunning, plush couch, embellished throw pillows, or stately curtains, fabrics turn sharp, museum-like offices into comfortable places to relax your mind and get your work done.


Just as fabrics create comfort in a home office, textiles like rugs will provide literal warmth for cold tile floors. Additionally, a rug can be used as a focal point to create designated spaces in a home office, separating a formal desk from a meeting space or marking a wet bar and casual area of an office.


Your office space is a place where you need to be to be on top of your game and choosing the right décor can help you concentrate on the tasks at hand. Smartly chosen artwork, attractive sculptures, side chairs, pictures of your family, and interesting pieces are not just for show in a home office. What you surround yourself with in a work environment can significantly change your mood, outlook, and productivity. By selecting décor that enlivens you, perks up your spirit, and brings you happiness, you are likely to get more work done and have that work be of a higher quality. 


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