4 Ideas to Choose the Best Floor Plan

February 16, 2016

4 Ideas to Choose the Best Floor Plan


House shopping carries with it a lot of excitement and a lot of thought and homework. Everything from the general condition of your prospective home to the financing and paperwork plus all the minute details in between crowd your thoughts. What you decide to call home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime.  
The shade of those shutters may be one aesthetic deterrent, but don’t forget that paint color is changeable. The architecture of your prospective home sweet home is the single most important detail, deserving of the most careful consideration. Choosing a home with the right floor plan for your needs and wishes makes all the difference in how much you benefit from moving into another place. Here are a few key details to take into account when browsing for your new home:

1. Your lifestyle

Consider your family size and what you will be doing in your home. If you have four or more people in your household, think in terms of everyone spreading out and lounging comfortably during movie nights. If you still have children at home who haven’t reached their teens, remember that their needs will change and privacy will be a top priority! Do you entertain a lot? If you have guests over for functions regularly, having an open kitchen leading into your living room or a kitchen/dining area that spills over into the common congregation area is a must. 

2. Estimate your space

When you tour an unfurnished home, the unoccupied spaces, especially ones with a bright paint job and plentiful windows look much larger than they actually are. Since the space is empty and the area is unfamiliar to you, a 300 square foot room can look like the great wide open! When you’re house hunting, it’s helpful if you know approximately how many cubic feet your furniture takes up and whether or not you want to add more. 

3. Look to the future

If you’re buying your home for the long haul, it’s a good idea to think of your golden years. Do you want something to last the rest of your life, or will you downsize once the kids move away? Even if you’re fit as a fiddle now, handicapped-accessible features or at least the potential to make those additions will be a plus if or when climbing stairs just doesn’t suit you anymore. 

4. Direction

The direction your house faces factors into your lifestyle and preference. If you have a south-facing home, you will get sun in the front of your house for most of the day, and in our hot climate, this is not necessarily a good thing. South-facing homes without adequate shade covering can return higher energy bills, even if you run your AC at a conservative 79 degrees F. This will also change how you choose to landscape your property since many plants other than cacti sustain considerable damage in the ire of Tucson’s blistering summer heat. 
Talk to me about your living considerations, and I will help you find the property that is right for your family. No worries when it comes to piles of paperwork and the other legwork! I’ll have you covered there, too!



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