10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Wet Bar

May 31, 2016

10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Wet Bar
A spacious patio, mountain views, and night skies alight with celestial beauty. What more could you order up for the outdoor area of your dream home? Tucson nights are fabulous with cooler temps, the occasional light breeze, and your favorite drink plus your favorite guests.
The space matters as much as what you put in it, and the pièce de résistance of this perfect picture is naturally a wet bar. Your perfect libation station can be a hit when it’s well-stocked with all the utensils, drinks, and accouterments handy for worry-free, convenient drink service. It’s a real hassle when your party guests have arrived and you are still to and from your kitchen, searching the drawers for that bottle opener or set of coasters.
A home bar can give your patio a truly inviting and professional look. Depending on what you’re looking for, there is a great variety of styles and stains to choose from. Above all, the best bars have ample storage, with drawers and cabinets for all your supplies.
But whatever physical features you choose for your bar, you will need certain accessories to complete the scene. Check your wares for these items to have a professional quality home bar:
1. A variety of glasses - Ideally, you would have different drinking glasses depending on the drinks you serve.
2. Wine rack – This is a must-have for wine enthusiasts. Many deluxe homes already have built-in wine storage, and they provide an attractive, organized storage area for your favorite wines.
3. Cheeseboard – By all means, cut the cheese with your favorite wines!
4. Beer tapper - Even if you aren’t hosting a block party, these just look cool and give your bar a professional touch. For celebrations, check out one of the local craft breweries for a fine beer made with quality local ingredients.
5. Cooler – Another wonderfully convenient wet bar feature to store bottles of cold beverages and perishable foods. It’s also helpful to have a freezer for ice.
6. Sink – Don’t leave the party to go clean up! A deep enough sink will save you many steps since you won’t have to haul everything to the kitchen sink. Save your steps for dancing instead!
7. Built-in bottle opener - For quick and easy opening of your favorite bottled beverages.
8. Shaker - It’s martini time! Have one of these on hand for your favorite shaken cocktails.
9. Blender – Margaritas are one of the top-requested drinks in Arizona. Play with the many gourmet varieties of margaritas right at your own home bar! For your friends who love to spend time in “Margaritaville”, having a blender is a must.
10. Jiggers and measuring spoons – Once you’ve perfected your Bloody Mary, you will want to stick to the same secret recipe consistently. Some people have a knack for free pouring using eyeball measurements, but even professional bartenders have a jigger to measure out liquors.
Unless your patio already has a wet bar, you will need to consider the space you have before adding one. As long as your choice has the right appearance alongside your other furniture and as the storage space you need, it will add immeasurable value to your back-of-house living area in the delight it brings to you and your guests.



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