Why a Ranch-Style Home?

October 18, 2017

Why a Ranch-Style Home?
A ranch-style home is perfect for desert living. As Arizona’s climate remains hot during the day and cools at night, a ranch-style house adapts to indoor-outdoor living. Not only is the house laid back in style and structure, but it is good to fit at any stage of life. Its adaptability is unparalleled when home residents want to add or renovate their homes. Ranch-style houses hug the earth, conforming to the lines of the desert. These beautiful and adaptable homes are ideal for desert living due to their aesthetic awareness of their surroundings. If you’re still not sold on the ranch-style home, we’ve got 7 reasons that you should be.

Welcome Spacious Living

As ranch-style homes integrate the outdoors into their design, many include expansive windows and open spaces within. This creates a beautiful living area that expertly incorporates the desert terrain. High ceilings not only open up space, but they give the room an opportunity to breathe with the simple gift of more space.

Ideal for Every Age and Need

Whether young or old, this single-floor home keeps everyone happy. Older generations don’t have to navigate creaky steps or put a strain on their joins and no one needs to fear that little ones might take a tumble! A single floor also easily accommodates friends and family in wheelchairs or who may have other physical limitations. Everyone can navigate comfortably.

Emphasize Minimalism

A ranch-style home offers a more minimalist lifestyle: Less is more. With one floor, families are often forced to be smarter about storage. Most Arizona ranch-style homes don’t have basements. As the soil is so hard, it can make building basements difficult – not to mention pricey. But of course, in Arizona, a basement isn’t necessary for safety from hurricanes or tornados. However, for those worried about storage space, attic spaces are common additions.

Invite Indoor-Outdoor Living

Ranch-style homes are level with the yard, making an easy transition to indoor-outdoor living. French doors are a beautiful way to extend your home from the interior to the exterior and create a perfect stage for hosting barbecues and bonfires with family and friends.

Open Structure that Encourages Adaptability

The common L-shape or U-shape of ranch-style homes creates a leisurely stretch from one end to another. This less formal structure adds to the relaxed feeling of these spaces. Ranch-style homes allow for building up or building out if more space is needed. There’s never a need to worry about accommodating an original stairwell – the build is another fresh start. A ranch-style home can grow with your family.

Good Night, Moon

Ranches are ideal for skylights and vaulted ceilings. This further opens your home up to the austere beauty of the desert and the natural lighting further enhances your home. No matter your decor or location preference, a ranch-style home can suit and accommodate any desires or needs. Their adaptability and simplistic layouts are the perfect settings for families of any size.


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