Inspirational and Stylish Home Gyms

September 5, 2017

Inspirational and Stylish Home Gyms

Home gyms come in all shapes and sizes, from a basic treadmill in your bedroom to full-on training gyms that could serve an entire high school wrestling team. Your home gym is a reflection of your unique fitness goals and exercise style, and it should serve to meet your needs and lifestyle. When budget is not an issue, fitness enthusiasts can benefit from investing in a custom home gym.

Traditionally, home gyms are unattractive and, well, boring. The “ugly” home gym often arises because gyms are considered to be a personal space where guests would never venture. However, before you resign your exercise routine to an unfinished room with random exercise gear thrown about, know that a home gym is much more than just the place you break a sweat.

A custom-designed home gym should be the ideal space that best serves your fitness goals.  A home gym is a sanctuary. It’s the place where you take the time to focus on your own personal improvement and physical transformation, two things that should come from a place of peace and positive energy.

To create that perfectly zen space that inspires you to greatness, a designer home gym needs to be a balance of style and function; the place where you commit to becoming your best self.

Here are some elements to add to your home gym (besides the exercise equipment) to transform it into an inspirational and stylish space.

Start from the Ground Up

Choosing the right floor for your gym is essential to setting the scene and creating a safe environment to work out in. Carpet and tile floors will seriously hurt your floor exercises and a hardwood floor will be susceptible to the wear and tear of gym equipment. For a great gym floor that will stand up to daily use, choose a rubberized or foam interlocking tile floor, cork flooring, or utility-grade wood flooring. If your home gym will be a space for yoga and/or meditation and light strength training equipment, a laminate floor may be a good option.

A Room with a View (and Light)

If your home features some incredible views, incorporate those views and lots of natural light into your home gym with large windows that let in lots of bright and refreshing light and those picturesque surroundings.

Adding the right lighting to your home gym can not only add an elegant flair to space, but the right color of light can change your mood and energy level. Yellow and orange lights have been shown to energize a workout while soft blue-tinged lighting soothes a meditation or yoga space.

A Room with a View (and Light)

Add built-in storage for seldom-used or additional workout items like gloves, mats, towels, and a change of clothes. This will keep your workout space organized and will also add a touch of sophistication to a workout room.

Gym-Worthy Tech

Just like every commercial gym has a place for a mounted television to keep people entertained while they sweat, so too should your home gym have entertainment options and upgraded tech that can level up your workout.

From televisions to surround sound systems to custom monitors that help you track your workout, creating a space that delivers on all tech fronts will keep you in the gym for longer and help you focus on your goals.

Keep Your Cool

A home gym is designed to make you sweat, but that doesn’t mean that you need to suffer in a room without adequate temperature controls. Adding a separate thermostat in your home gym will help you create the ideal space that will keep you comfortable as you move from exercise to exercise.

A Schvitz and a Shower

If you have the space to do so, adding a sauna room to your home gym is the perfect way to complement your exhausting workouts with a healthy, relaxing steam session before you start your workout. Barring a personal steam room, a walk-in shower can easily be converted into a steam shower to get your muscles ready to tackle the workout ahead. With the flip of a switch, your steam shower can become a waterfall shower so you can rinse off. 


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