Dessert Places You Need to Try in Tucson

December 24, 2016

There are few things in this world that we look forward to more after a great dinner than having your server ask “Do you have room for dessert?” 
Dessert is a national pastime the world over, and just the thought of flaky pie crusts, perfectly-bruleed sugar, and rich, thick, chocolate mousses can make our taste buds sing with anticipation. Whether you’re an after-dinner fruit eater, an ice cream lover, or a death-by-chocolate-aholic, there is something wholly satisfying about indulging in a sweet treat. 
Thankfully, Tucson is a bastion of coffee shops, pastry shops, and restaurants that boast an impressive array of desserts that you have to try during these long winter days. Snuggle up with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate and sink your teeth into some of the best desserts this side of the Rockies, right here in the Old Pueblo. 

Café Marcel

Café Marcel is an expert creperie on 4th Avenue, and whether you consider crepes to be a dessert or breakfast food, they still stand as a favorite Tucson destination for espresso and sweet, berry, chocolate, and crème-filled crepes. With a wide variety of fillings to choose from (including savory), you will think you are in the heart of Paris as you bite into the tasty European pancakes and sip your fine espresso.
Café Marcel is located on Oracle Road, just south of Grant.

Beyond Bread

Yes, everyone in Tucson knows that Beyond Bread is the go-to spot for just about any bread they could imagine (as well as some they hadn’t considered and are just as delicious) and some of the most amazing sandwiches around. But did you know that Beyond Bread carries a staggering amount of desserts too? 
From delicate French beauties like crème Brulee to Italian staple pastries like cannoli, all Beyond Bread locations carry an assortment of cookies, cakes, pies, and fruit and cream desserts too. Want, cake, or pastry tray for a special occasion? The Beyond Bread on Speedway and Wilmot has a little secret shop behind their main building called Back Dough, where they make tons of unforgettable desserts to share with those you love.
Beyond Bread has three locations across Tucson on the Eastside, Central, and Northwest.

Allegro: Il Gelato Naturale 

When you are craving a delicious Italian treat, it is hard to beat the authentic flavors and recipes of Allegro, Tucson’s most famous gelateria. The flavors range from traditional to custom, and seasonal flavors as well. Allegro also combines fresh fruit, spices, and add-ons to their gelato, 
Chocolate cheesecake, almond, cinnamon, mint, hazelnut, pistachio, and anise are just a few of the flavors they offer, and that doesn’t include the fruit sorbets. Don’t just go for the remarkable gelato, though—be sure to try their biscotti and coffee selections too.
Located on Campbell and 6th, Allegro is just across the street from the University of Arizona campus.

Village Bakehouse

This breakfast and lunch restaurant and bakery are hard to beat for traditional fruit pastries, pies, buns, cookies, danishes, cookies, and a whole lot more. With a lovely patio seating area and a seemingly never-ending selection of sweets, Village Bakehouse is known throughout Tucson as the go-to dessert destination for delicious morning treats. 
Village Bakehouse also does catering for parties, from holidays to bridal brunches. All their confections are made from scratch and baked fresh daily. 
Village Bakehouse is located at Oracle Road just south of Magee.

Chocolate Iguana

There is no candy fix that the Chocolate Iguana cannot cure, and this espresso and coffee bar and sweet shop combo is almost too much goodness to handle. With sweet fare from scones to carrot cake and a lot of giant muffins in between, the Chocolate Iguana is a must-stop sweet shop that keeps Tucsonans old and new coming back for more.
Chocolate Iguana also has a great sandwich, soup, and salad menu which leave just enough room for—you guessed it—dessert. 
Chocolate Iguana is located at 4th Avenue and 6th Street.

Batch Café & Bar

Downtown’s hottest specialty restaurant is loaded with unusual, but unmissable, choices, all made in small, hand-crafted batches. Focusing on small-batch whiskey, fresh doughnuts, and “boozy cereals,” Batch is the kind of place you could spend all breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert without ever wanting to leave (or stop eating). 
Batch has been making a big name for itself in Tucson, and their dessert options are really what makes them stand out on the restaurant scene. Doughnuts asides, Batch also offers bananas foster, hot fudge, strawberry shortcakes, and a warm apple pie. 
Batch is located on Congress between 6th and Scott Avenues.


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