5 Good Reasons to Add a Koi Pond to Your Home

February 17, 2017

5 Good Reasons to Add a Koi Pond to Your Home
You’ve seen them in landscape architect portfolio photos, at the center of garden supply stores, and meticulously placed at plant nurseries. You’ve admired their beauty at public parks, business offices, and private homes and witnessed how they draw people in to watch the silent and serene show. Koi ponds are nothing short of majestic, and their eternal beauty and allure have transformed humdrum outdoor spaces into works of living art.  
If you have ever been intrigued about bringing a living, breathing water feature to your home, you are not alone. What was once a Japanese tradition has quickly become an American home feature, and there are countless koi supply, pond creation, and pond maintenance services available to help build the perfect ornamental fish pond that will make your backyard the best spot in the house.  
The word “koi” comes from the Japanese word “Nishikigoi,” the broad term for a particular type of carp. Though the fish did not originate in Japan, they quickly became favorites of fish breeders. In Japan, carp were bred for food, and the breeders would separate mutated carp because they could not sell them. These mutate carp, though considered inedible, were simply beautiful; too beautiful, in fact, to let go of. The carp breeders began to create lineages of these gorgeous fish, and soon the fish themselves came to be revered in Japanese culture for their remarkable colors, high socialization, and curious and playful nature.  
Today, koi fish have become the hallmark of serenity and loveliness, and they turn a simple water feature into a masterpiece of living art. There are many great reasons to make this the year that you add a koi pond to your home, but here are the top five reasons why you should strongly consider a living water garden to complement your outdoor space.

They Are Beautiful

Aesthetically, koi ponds are hard to beat. Humans go out into nature to find remote spots where they can see natural water and rock features meet greenery to create a picture-perfect scene. A great koi pond designer can convert a small and boring section of your backyard into a living environment, capturing that natural beauty right in your backyard. And that’s just the water, plants, and rocks of the pond.
Koi are ornamental fish, and they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and breeds, each with its unique features. Bred for their beauty, adding a handful of them to your pond will make the feature pop with color and vibrant, jewel-toned fish.

They Can Keep You Healthy

Did you know that having a koi pond in your home space is a stress reliever? For centuries, people who keep koi have found peace and tranquility in simply watching the fish swim and interact with each other. Koi ponds can deliver healthful benefits like reducing your blood pressure, decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and even alleviate symptoms of certain heart conditions. A recent study showed that stroke victims showed an increase in recovery time when they spent time near koi ponds.

They Show You’ve Got Style

A beautifully designed koi pond can make you the envy of your neighborhood. In fact, there are Tucson groups who, like garden groups, tour and vote for the best koi ponds in Tucson. The coveted title is very competitive! Koi ponds allow you to express your own creativity and interests with their design, shape, elements, and koi choice.

They Are Good Pets

Koi can be a treat for the whole family. Not only are koi ponds easy to maintain once they have been established, but they are also a joy for everyone to be around. Koi will eat right out of your hands (much to the delight of children), and they are quiet pets who are beneficial to their surrounding environment. Add a koi pond, and you’ll notice a reduction in mosquitoes, flies, and other annoying insects.

They Boost Real Estate Value

As mentioned earlier, koi have a lot going for them in terms of elegance, style, and allure. A uniquely designed and well-maintained koi pond can be a central feature of your home, adding aesthetic value to your property. Your backyard is no longer just another space, it is a destination that everyone is excited to head off to, and a great koi pond could be the perfect selling point for your home.



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